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This page is for content creator, I will post all the wretch blender tools I have created to speed up my workflow.

Blender addons :


Transfer Weight (ver. 1.0.5)

I created this addon to speed up the process to transfer the weight.

With this Wretch blender tool you can choose to transfer the weight from all the bones or to a single bone you have selected. It will also automatically delete the unused vertex groups of your mesh.
Or only delete the unused vertex groups.
Show wire, activate limit to visible, draw type wireframe or textured and select vertex grp option on the pie.
Origin to selected vertex/edge/faces/objects/curve handle

Usage : press Ctrl + Shift + X while in weight paint mode. (you can change the shortcut in the addon preferences)

This addon is in constant evolution, come back regularly to see what has changed.


[info_box title=”Changelog” color=”blue” type=”description” icon=””]


-Added origin to selected in the pie for vertex/edge/face/object/curve…


-Added proper tooltips for each buttons

-Added 2 buttons : draw object type to wireframe and textured[/info_box]


Addon for modeling

Wretch tools

Another Wretch blender tool I made a long time ago to show/hide wire and simplify a mesh by deleting 1 loop over 2, or just select the loops

A pie menu has been added and the shortcut can be changed in the settings…

Usage : press Ctrl + Shift + W for the pie menu. (you can change the shortcut in the addon preferences)




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