• Releases

    New Rayne Dress for Euphoria Event in Second Life

    We are thrilled to announce the release of our latest creation for the upcoming Euphoria event opening on November 7th at 12pm SLT.

    It’s been fitted for Legacy, eBody, Belleza Gen.X and Kemono, and maybe more later.

    The dress is interactive, you can reveal your breasts by lowering the top part. Anybody can do it if you choose to let it on “public”. You can also use the notecard inside the content to add whitelist avatar names if the “public” option is “off”. You can add blacklisted names for when the public option is turned on.

    Taxi: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lovespell/152/156/1798

  • WIP

    WIP and site migration

    A few days ago I migrated the site to another hosting, in the process I redesigned it entirely with a more up to date theme and should run better.

    I updated the weight transfer addon for blender 2.80 and above. Several tools were not working correctly since the version 3.0. Here what’s changed:

    • Now the single bone transfer works again.
    • Multiple meshes can be selected to transfer the weight for “Transfer ALL” (but it’s still not working how I want, I don’t know why)
    • Clean Vertex Groups is fixed and works again, and it works with multiple selection
    • Del Vertex Groups has been added, it allows to delete all vertex groups for multiple object selection.

    The bunnysuit had a little fix, the tights for the peety peets were clipping with the bodysuit for waifu and V-tech.

    Dairy Dolls has been updated to version with more bug fixes and a new fitting for Inithium Kupra.

    A new mesh is in the work for Euphoria, starting early November.

    wretch mesh dress second life
  • Releases

    Dairy Doll – A milking system

    Wretch Dairy Dolls Second life Milk system

    We are pleased to present a new milk system for Fetish Fair opening June 11 at 1pm SLT
    Now available a the mainstore: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lestern/96/223/1413

    It’s compatible with Project Arousal, Nanite System, Busy Maid and Muffin’s Milkers.
    Fitted for Legacy and eBody/Mounds.

    • Animated hand pumping
    • Animated nipples while pump is active
    • Milk dripping, squirting while breast getting full and engorged
    • RLV lock
    • Auto change breasts shape (with RLV)
    • Drink milk and give bottle to your partner
    • Multiple milk flavors (chocolate, strawberry, NS-cryolube, Bimbo)
    • More to come later with supplements, drugs, injection…
    • More sizes to come


  • Releases

    New interactive outfit Bunnysuit

    2023 is the year of the bunny! It was obvious I would do a bunny set for the occasion. This new outfit comes with a large set of different sizes (13 in total), for an interactive outfit it is quite a challenge!

    Wretch Bunnysuit interactive outfit

    Now what does it do? The top part can be lowered to show the breasts, only the left side or both sides. A vibrator is included and integrated with the bodysuit. It can be only displayed or displayed and buzzing with a funny vibrating animation.

    The outfit comes with a Hud including every textures and features, no single separated color here. It’s a whole package for a complete experience.

    A menu is given to anybody when they click on your bodysuit by default, they can strip you or activate your vibrator! If you don’t want this behavior, make sure to disable the “Public” option on your Hud. There is also a blacklist/whitelist system.

    You will find the outfit at Whore Couture Fair, starting March 1st at Noon SLT running for the entire month.

    Now available at the mainstore: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lestern/96/223/1413

  • Releases

    Xmas Outfit

    The new Xmas Outfit is fitted for Legacy+Perky+Petite+V-tech, eBody+V-tech-Mounds, Kemono default, Chest 2, Fitted Torso.


    Also the come back of the claw games to win 4 outfits at the store for the Kemono, xmas dresses, xmas bikini, xmas ribbons.

    Wretch xmas outfit second life
  • Releases

    Vibe Swimsuit

    Here is a new reboot of the interactive swimsuit, updated, upgraded with new features like vibrator under the crotch area, vibrators for nipples and crotch, animated pull down and up, new textures…

    It is now available in store and MP.

    Fitted for:
    Legacy / perky / petite – eBody Reborn / Mounds – Belleza Gen.X Classic / Curvy

    Find it at the Mainstore with demo


    Second Life Wretch Vibe Swimsuit
  • Releases

    Bat Lingerie New Release

    Wretch Bat Lingerie

    This Wretch lingerie set is now available in store and MP

    Rigged for Legacy / perky / petite / V-Tech – eBody Reborn / V-Tech – Kemono default / Fitted Torso Busty / Rei’s Chest 2

    A bulge shape is included with every size.

    Find it at the Mainstore with demo and at the MarketPlace