• WIP

    WIP and site migration

    A few days ago I migrated the site to another hosting, in the process I redesigned it entirely with a more up to date theme and should run better.

    I updated the weight transfer addon for blender 2.80 and above. Several tools were not working correctly since the version 3.0. Here what’s changed:

    • Now the single bone transfer works again.
    • Multiple meshes can be selected to transfer the weight for “Transfer ALL” (but it’s still not working how I want, I don’t know why)
    • Clean Vertex Groups is fixed and works again, and it works with multiple selection
    • Del Vertex Groups has been added, it allows to delete all vertex groups for multiple object selection.

    The bunnysuit had a little fix, the tights for the peety peets were clipping with the bodysuit for waifu and V-tech.

    Dairy Dolls has been updated to version with more bug fixes and a new fitting for Inithium Kupra.

    A new mesh is in the work for Euphoria, starting early November.

    wretch mesh dress second life
  • WIP

    What’s next. Sanarae event

    Finally a flat version of the kemono feet, coming this month at Sanarae for June round.

    They will be fitted mesh like the Mid feet, however it will be subtle. The way the slider works for the feet size in SL is just a no no.
    And since it will be summer, I made some flip flop to go with the feet. Rigged for these feet and unrigged for all others feet.

    Both are still in WIP and it’s just a preview.

    Wretch Kemono Flat Feet Flip Flop


    Another good news for the Kemono lovers, in july there will be an event exclusively for the Kemono, brought to you by Neko City.
    I still don’t know what I will do for this festival since the 2 opening dates for Sanarae and Natsu Kemono Festival are rather close.

    For this occasion, the sim will be completely rebuilt. Don’t miss it.

  • WIP

    Preview for the next mesh WIP

    So now that the feet are out it is nice to have some tights and socks for them. With a preview of the next mesh.

    I made 3 different types of stockings, 1 garter stocking, 1 tights, 1 high socks. All in the same package.

    With around 9 textures for all of them.