• Updates

    Gym Outfit update

    The Gym Outfit has been updated with a new size for the Meshbody Classic.
    An animation has been included to the bloomer for pulling it up and down.
    And a new button appeared on the Hud to change the nametag on the shirt more easily by pasting a texture’s UUID.

    To get the update wear the update card in your folder or get a redelivery in the mainstore

  • Updates

    Vibing Panties update

    Wretch Vibing Panties Second life

    I’ve updated the Vibing Panties with 2 new sizes: meshbody classic and Legacy.

    Wear your update card to get the new version, or redeliver it from the store inworld or on the marketplace if you bought it there.

  • Updates

    Update for the Reverse Bunnysuit

    • I have added the Avi(L) size. It’s an experimental mix with Kemono shape and Avi(L) body. You will have to alpha your Avi(L) body (look at the Avi(L) Alpha Guide picture guide in your inventory).
    • A flat feet version for the tights has been added for all the sizes.
    • The tights can be alpha to wear other shoes / boots
    • Some minor fixes (Fitted Torso tights line were not lining up correctly, rounded some edges)
    Kemono Reverse Bunnysuit tights flat

  • Updates

    Update on the Yukata / Kimono

    Some geta have been added with the kimono, to fit with the bare feet and an unrigged version for other feet like the Avi(L) body.

    Avi(L) sizes has been fixed at the bottom skirt, they were missing the inside part.

    Kemono Yukata Kimono

  • Updates

    Update for the Fitted Torso

    Little update for all the items being tight around the fitted torso bum.

    Usually if you had the wrong butt state you would see a clipping.

    So I added the command in the script to automatically set the right butt state when you wear the item.

    The change has been made for :

    • Kemono Bunnysuit
    • Kemono Summer Days
    • Kemono Lace Bodysuit
    • Kemono Tights Garter (to be release tomorrow)
  • Updates

    Another Update for the feet

    Yes another update for the feet and it is still about the applier. If you don’t intend to use the applier you have nothing to do ! Version 1.2 is enough.

    If you want to use the applier you have to update to this version 1.3.
    I fixed the perms and changed the setup so make sure to read the instructions.

    Wear the update card again.

  • Updates

    Another quick update for the Kemono Feet

    I worked to add an applier for the Kemono Feet Mid and I built a new Hud for the nails.

    It is for the creators that want to make new textures for the nails and sell them.

    However if you want to use the applier for new nails, you will have to update your feet with version 1.2.

    So wear your update card, it is already live.
    Alternative way go to the Mainstore