Dairy Doll – A milking system

Wretch Dairy Dolls Second life Milk system

We are pleased to present a new milk system for Fetish Fair opening June 11 at 1pm SLT
Now available a the mainstore:

It’s compatible with Project Arousal, Nanite System, Busy Maid and Muffin’s Milkers.
Fitted for Legacy and eBody/Mounds.

  • Animated hand pumping
  • Animated nipples while pump is active
  • Milk dripping, squirting while breast getting full and engorged
  • RLV lock
  • Auto change breasts shape (with RLV)
  • Drink milk and give bottle to your partner
  • Multiple milk flavors (chocolate, strawberry, NS-cryolube, Bimbo)
  • More to come later with supplements, drugs, injection…
  • More sizes to come


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