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    New interactive outfit Bunnysuit

    2023 is the year of the bunny! It was obvious I would do a bunny set for the occasion. This new outfit comes with a large set of different sizes (13 in total), for an interactive outfit it is quite a challenge!

    Wretch Bunnysuit interactive outfit

    Now what does it do? The top part can be lowered to show the breasts, only the left side or both sides. A vibrator is included and integrated with the bodysuit. It can be only displayed or displayed and buzzing with a funny vibrating animation.

    The outfit comes with a Hud including every textures and features, no single separated color here. It’s a whole package for a complete experience.

    A menu is given to anybody when they click on your bodysuit by default, they can strip you or activate your vibrator! If you don’t want this behavior, make sure to disable the “Public” option on your Hud. There is also a blacklist/whitelist system.

    You will find the outfit at Whore Couture Fair, starting March 1st at Noon SLT running for the entire month.

    Now available at the mainstore: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lestern/96/223/1413

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    2 new items for SaNaRae fair

    This month there are 2 new items for the event.

    A complete bunnysuit outfit for the Kemono with a full Hud with textures etc…

    Start : February 26th at 7pm SLT
    Location : https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Spring%20Morning/192/136/4013
    20% discount during the event.

    In addition there is these brand new Kemono Feet addon.
    The feet are required to use the tights with transparency. Even though you can use some texture that are not transparent.

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    2 new items this month

    They are still work in progress, this month I will release 2 new items at the same time, a complete outfit and a body addon for the Kemono.

    The feet addon will be necessary for this outfit to wear heels and sheer tights. It is also to bring a new standard for the Kemono feet with high and medium height later as a base for all kind of heels.

    In world texture making and tweaking. A challenging task.

    And I still didn’t made the other sizes. While I know the corset will be quite easy to do for the Fitted Torso, the tights will be a nightmare ! 😡