2 new items for SaNaRae fair

This month there are 2 new items for the event.

A complete bunnysuit outfit for the Kemono with a full Hud with textures etc…

Start : February 26th at 7pm SLT
Location :
20% discount during the event.

In addition there is these brand new Kemono Feet addon.
The feet are required to use the tights with transparency. Even though you can use some texture that are not transparent.


  • Resident

    Are they fitted mesh? Either way please release rigging dummies for the feet so we can get kemono exclusives and release some matching flats and highs later. Personally I would’ve liked to see them later as a bundle. Right now there is competition with two other sets of feet, one without dummies released and one which doesn’t work with FKT and is bundled.

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